Above Ground Irrigation System

Certa-Set® is an above-ground, aluminum replacement solid-set irrigation system, made from proprietary impact resistant Yelomine compound modifiers and UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors. The piping is a UV coated PVC that is a 100% leak free during charge up and charge down periods. The Certa-Set system is capable of being 100% mechanized and has been shown to reduce labor costs, increase irrigation efficiency, and increase yields and profits over conventional irrigation methods.

17. Above-ground irrigation


Electric Benefit

  • Agricultural

  • Industrial

  • Energy Efficiency

    (Reduces kWh)

Water Benefits

  • Reduces Water Use

Technology Readiness

  • Commercially Available

How Does It Work

  • one@2x

    The product’s pipe and couplings have precision engineered grooves that, when aligned, allow a spline to be inserted. This results in a continuous restraint with evenly distributed loading that locks the pipe and coupling together.

  • two@2x

    Flexible elastomeric O-rings in the coupling provide a hydraulic pressure seal. Joints can be easily disassembled when system reconfiguration is needed.

  • three@2x

    The product contains impact modifiers for higher impact strength over extended periods, and ultraviolet inhibitors that allow for superior flow rates and greater pumping efficiencies compared to other non-metal pipe options.

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