Since 2002, California authorized more than $17 billion in general obligation bonds to fund water-related projects. These funds are disseminated via competitive solicitations. Some of the funds are issued as grants, some as low interest loans (in certain cases, such as for eligible Disadvantaged Communities, loans may be converted to grants).

Water-Related General Obligation Bonds Amount
Parks, Environment, and Water Bond (June 2018)[1] $1.27 billion
The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Proposition 1) $7.12 billion
The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 84) $5.4 billion
The Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and

Beach Protection Act of 2002 (Proposition 50)

$3.44 billion
Totals $17.23 billion

Sources: California Natural Resources Agency Statewide Bond Oversight website: and the respective legislation.

  • That amount does not include the $4 billion for The Disaster Preparedness and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 1E) that provides some water supply benefits through plans and structures that divert flood waters to groundwater recharge basins.

    Approved uses of these funds encompassed a diversity of water-related concerns: public water system improvements, surface and groundwater storage, drinking water protection, water recycling and advanced water treatment, water supply management, and conveyance, stormwater management, wastewater treatment, ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration, and drought emergency relief.

General Obligation Bonds Approved by Voters for Water Purposes (2002-2014)

Proposition 1 Funding Allocations and Balance Remaining

Prop 1 Funded Item Allocation Committed Balance
Statewide Water System Operational Improvement and Drought Preparedness $2.7 billion $2,646,000,000 $54,000,000
Protecting Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Coastal Waters and Watersheds $1.495 billion $1,161,661,000 $333,339,000
Groundwater Sustainability $900 million $859,066,000 ($39,066,000)
Water Recycling $725 million $694,834,000 $30,166,000
Regional Water Security, Climate and Drought Preparedness $810 million $512,726,000 $297,274,000
Clean, Safe and Reliable Drinking Water $520,000,000 $480,451,000 $39,549,000
Flood Management $395,000,000 $129,000,000 $266,000,000
Statewide Bond Costs X $149,300,000 ($149,300,000)
Total $7,545,000,000 $6,713,038,000 $831,962,000

Note: As of August 30, 2018, 88% of Proposition 1 funds have been “committed.” The amount uncommitted by program are shown in the righthand column (“Balance”).

Please check the administering State agency websites for detailed information about these and other past, active and future planned solicitations:

State Water Resources Control Board:

Department of Water Resources:

Check California Natural Resources Agency Bond Accountability Website: for current information about bond fund requirements and balances.

[1] Proposition 68 was approved by voters on June 5, 2018. Of $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds, $1.27 billion is designated for water-related projects: increasing flood protection, recharging and cleaning up groundwater, and providing safe drinking water.