Tulare County

Increasing Awareness

Tulare County is the largest agricultural producing county in California and the county most severely impacted by the recent and ongoing California drought. Read more about building drought resilience and the region's recycled water below.


Red shaded areas are scored as “DACs”, unshaded areas are not. Most of Tulare County’s population lives in the western third of the county, from the plains to the foot of the hills. Most of the populated areas are DACs in accordance with CalEnviroscreen 2.0.

Drought Circumstance

Tulare County occupies 4,839 square miles in South San Joaquin Valley. It is bounded on the north by Fresno, to the west by Kings, and to the south by Kern. Tulare, Kern, Kings, and Fresno comprise 4 of the 5 counties referred to collectively as “South San Joaquin Valley.” Madera, on the northern border of Fresno, is the fifth.


Building the Path to Drought Resilience

The 2012 drought is not yet over for Tulare County - even though Water Year 2017 received more than “normal” precipitation, one wet year cannot make up for multiple dry years.


Tulare County drought

Tulare County Recycled Water

Cities in Tulare County reported 18,537 AF of recycled water used for agricultural irrigation, primarily secondary undisinfected wastewater effluent.