This Drought Resilience Toolkit is part of a Project that was funded through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC), administered by the California Energy Commission. The project goal was to accelerate the implementation of technologies that can achieve long-term water supply reliability ("drought resilience") while increasing electric reliability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The geographic focus was Tulare County, the largest agricultural producing county in California.

Participants throughout the County - local government officials; water and wastewater agencies; technology solutions providers; and a wide range of technology adopters: residential and commercial water users, agricultural producers, dairies, food processors, other manufacturers and service providers, and the industry associations that represent them - provided insights about the region’s drought challenges and potential solutions. All had recommendations about things the state could do to help them achieve their drought resilience goals.

The research, data, analyses, insights, tools, and other work products developed by this project, including video interviews of diverse stakeholders and the project recommendations, are on this project website.

Project Team

Water Energy Innovations, Prime contractor

Southern California Edison, Project Partner

Technical Advisory Committee

Chelsea Haines, Association of California Water Agencies

Debbie Franco, Governor's Office of Planning and Research

Mikhail Haramati, California Energy Commission

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