Benefits to California

The “Big Three”: Water, Energy, and Climate

The potential water, energy and greenhouse gas benefits that can be achieved by implementing these recommendations in Tulare County alone are substantial. Table 1 provides a conservative estimate of the annual benefits that could be achieved by implementing just a few of the high potential technologies and strategies identified herein.

Estimated Benefits from Drought Resilient Technologies


The water savings from these 3 technologies alone could meet 100% of Tulare County’s annual urban water demand.

Additional Benefits

California advances its market leading water, energy, and climate policy goals through continual enhance-ments to policies, codes and standards, supported by billions of dollars of public investment. California’s commitment to a drought resilient and clean energy future has already driven technology innovation in multiple key markets: energy efficient lighting, solar photovoltaics, battery energy storage, and water efficient fixtures. There is every reason to expect that as California establishes performance standards for agricultural water efficiency, sustainable groundwater management, groundwater quality, and greenhouse gas emissions, technology developers and markets will rush to accept the challenge, bringing new industries and jobs.