The Report

California is the 5th largest economy in the world, creating markets for new technologies and opportunities for economic development through technology centers of excellence. The two-year project, Acccelerating Drought Resilience Through Innovative Technologies, culminated in this Final Report to help California continue its path to innovative excellence. 

There is a need for greater energy and water efficiency to mitigate and adapt to increased climate variability and changing weather patterns that include droughts. This Project work focused on identifying technologies that can build drought resilience within California's agricultural regions, mainly Tulare County.

The content of this report includes two years of primary and secondary research that was conducted to identify technology needs and candidate solutions with priority on solutions that can be implemented within three years. Water and energy baselines of the region were conducted and multiple subject matter experts and stakeholders along all segments of the technology adoption cycle were interviewed to gain a deeper understanding of Tulare County's regional issues and priorities and the barriers and solutions to technology implementation. The project team concluded that the primary barrier is not a lack of technically viable solutions but the technology adoption costs and risks. To read more about the Project's key findings, recommendations and technology solutions, download the report below.