Ultrasound Disinfection

High Power Ultrasound (HPU) refers to soundwaves generated in water at high power and low frequencies (20 to 100 kHz). This initiates a cavitation process that may be an effective antimicrobial agent with potential use for disinfecting produce and food containers.

22. Ultrasonic Disinfection MAIN


Electric Benefit

  • Agricultural

  • Industrial

Water Benefits

  • Reduces Water Use

Technology Readiness

  • Concept/Prototype

How Does It Work

  • one@2x

    The produce or container is placed in a water bath that is receiving high power ultrasound waves.

  • two@2x

    The waves initiate cavitation in the water; thousands of microbubbles are generated with internal gas temperatures up to 5500 C and pressure up to 50,000 kPa, with fluctuations occurring in microseconds.

  • three@2x

    Upon collapse, the shockwaves generated are strong enough to shear and break the cell wall and membrane structures of pathogens.

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