Shield 1500 Puralytics Disinfection

The patented Puralytics ® process employs LEDs to excite proprietary nanotechnology mesh which drives light-activated water treatment. The Shield achieves advanced disinfection, detoxification and contaminant degradation; it can be used in industrial treatment settings, manufacturing process or waste treatment.

12. Puralytics MAIN pic


Electric Benefit

  • Industrial

  • Energy Efficiency

    (Reduces kWh)

Water Benefits

  • Reduces Water Use

Technology Readiness

  • Several Pilot Studies

How Does It Work

  • one@2x

    Waste stream flows into the Puralytics system.

  • two@2x

    LED lights shines on the proprietary nanotechnology mesh in the water, activating advanced oxidation and water treatment.

  • three@2x

    Contaminants are destroyed by the treatment; shields can be used in parallel or series to increase capacity or removal rates.

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