Pre-Treatment of Process Water

Carden Water systems treat wastewater onsite with filtration, biological treatment, and desalination. These modular systems can be tailored to treat a wide variety of wastewater streams with anything from 10,000 to over 2.5 million gallons per day of flow. Treating wastewater at the source reduces strain on local water treatment facilities and allows for onsite reuse.

How Does it Work?

Facilities produce a waste stream containing solids, salt, organic materials, chemical, oils and/or many other types of contaminants. Carden Water system filters the water to the desired quality level so that it can be reused onsite or safely disposed of.

Target Markets

This technology is targeted towards commercial, industrial and agricultural industry segments that may include dairy and livestock, large offices, universities, hospitals, breweries, wineries, food and beverage manufacturing, oil and gas, and landfills.

Pre-Treatment of Process Water

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