OptAER Fine Bubble Diffusers

Technology Description

Fine Bubble Diffusers

Technology Stage

Commercial (On the market, not yet widely adopted)

Technology Application(s)

Efficiency improvements in aerated lagoon systems

Improves BOD and TSS removal in wastewater

Reduces odors and sludge production

Easy to retrofit on existing pond systems

Technology Benefits:

  1. Builds drought resilience
    More reliably reduces BOD and TSS in wastewater, preventing groundwater contamination from high-intensity influent events
  2. Supports electric reliability:
    Reduces electric consumption (kWh) by [X%] over traditional aerators
    Reduces electric demand (kW)
  3. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions:
    Reducing sludge production prevents anaerobic processes that produce methane
  4. Reduces ratepayer costs:
    • Able to be retrofitted to existing pond systems, avoiding cost of system replacement
    • Improving lagoon systems reduces the need to replace with more expensive mechanical treatment solutions
    • Reduces sludge production, slowing down the rate of solids accumulation, extending the design life of lagoons and reducing operating costs.
  5. Reduces regulatory and environmental risks:
    More effective BOD and TSS removal reduces risk of violating waste discharge requirements on-site, avoiding potential violation fees.


Current Status

Technology has been successfully installed and benefits documented at (X) facilities:

Doaktown, New Brunswick

Kingsley, Iowa