NuTek Ozone Laundry Support System

What is it?

Standard commercial washers/extractors use an average of 3.1 gallons of water per pound of linen processed. High-efficiency Energy Star washers target water use reductions of up to 33%, with proposed efficiencies of 1.8 gallons per pound of linen washed (Environmental Protection Agency).

NuTek Ozone Laundry Support Systems (OLSS) generates ozone gas which increases the effectiveness of commercial cleaning agents, reduces water, gas & electricity consumption and provides superior sanitation of linens processed, all in COLD water. Case studies have shown that NuTek’s OLSS process far exceeds targeted Energy Star criteria for reducing energy consumption.


How Does It Work

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    The NuTek Ozone Laundry Support System captures oxygen gas from the air and uses electricity to trigger a reaction to create ozone or O3 gas.

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    With the use of the patented Passive Injection Technology, the ozone is injected into the unit during a wash cycle.

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    The O3 gas particles produce cleaner, whiter, softer clothes with a multifaceted approach.

The NuTek OLSS captures ambient air, then draws it by demand, through a series of filtration devices that remove contaminants to create pure oxygen.   High voltage electricity  then splits the oxygen (O2) molecule to produce ozone (O3).

NuTek’s patented passive injection technology injects the ozone into the wash wheel of a commercial washer where the ozone acts as a catalyst for chemicals used in the laundry process. Ozone opens the weave of the fabric to gently dislodge soils when combined with mechanical action and chemicals.  Ozone in cold water, also disinfects the linen all while reducing energy and chemical consumption.

Ozone has long been proven to be a highly effective disinfectant and for that reason, is used in a variety of applications. A test performed by third party Accuratus Lab Services showed that 99.99% of pathogens are destroyed when using NuTek’s OLSS to include the most recent 2018 test results which confirmed NuTek’s Ozone effectiveness against the CDC’s top 9 “Super bugs” .  NuTek is also the only  ozone manufacturer to receive recognition “specifically for use as a component with commercial washers” from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a well-respected safety compliance organization across the United States and Canada. Lastly, a recent all states memo issued by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognizes ozone cleaning as an acceptable method of processing laundry (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

Target Markets

The primary target markets for NuTek OLSS are industrial and commercial facilities that have on-premises laundry facilities (OPL) including hotels, resorts, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, athletic clubs, prisons, central laundries, schools and cruise lines.

Benefits for California

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    Drought Resilience

    NuTek OLSS enables target adopters to reduce water usage associated with clothes washing by 35% by utilizing fewer wash and rinse cycles. In addition, with the disinfecting properties of ozone, hot water consumption will be reduced by 90-95% for light to medium soiled linens. As a byproduct, waste water emission will be reduced. This unique technology is one part of the movement towards drought resilience in the commercial and industrial laundry sectors in California.

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    Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Nutek reduces water, electricity, and gas usage, all of which reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. When multiplied by millions of pounds of linen processed across thousands of commercial and industrial “On-Premise Laundries”, NuTek’s OLSS can help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce any OPL’s carbon footprint.

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    Cost Savings

    Laundries & their Customers

    Laundries that use NuTek OLSS will reduce costs of water and energy. Their customers will also save money by extended linen life – Nutek has demonstrated that their system is gentle on laundry, extending linen life by as much as 23% and reducing customers’ linen replacement costs

    Water & Energy Utilities & their Ratepayers

    Reducing the amount of water and energy needed to clean linen also reduces the amount of water that water service providers need to produce or purchase.  Saving energy reduces the amount of electricity and gas that energy utility companies need to develop or procure.  An investment in NuTek’s OLSS is further supported by utility companies in many states resulting in rebates and/or On Bill Financing for utility customers seeking to invest in NuTek’s sustainable technology.  Energy saved today is energy needed for tomorrow.

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    Reduces Regulatory and Environmental Risks

    After ozone is expelled, it rapidly decomposes into oxygen gas, thus, the end product has no negative environmental or regulatory risks. The O3 gas particles produce cleaner, whiter, softer linen and multiple benefits:

    • Envelops linen, killing 99.99% of bacteria (tested and verified by the CDC)
    • Opens weaves of fabric to easily loosen soils from fabrics
    • Reacts with chemicals and cleaning agents to boost efficiency while reducing chemical dosages
    • Allows for maximum extraction of water and chemicals for drying time savings
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    Supports Electric Reliability

    • Reduces Energy Use for Producing, Treating, and Distributing Water. Since Ozone is most effective in cold water and acts as a booster to the chemicals used, its use reduces overall water consumption by enabling the reduction of cycles needed to get laundry clean, fresh and germ free.
    • Reduces Energy Use for Heating Water. Ozone thrives in water temperatures that do not exceed 100 degrees. The colder the water, the more active the cleaning and disinfecting properties of ozone. Studies have shown that NuTek’s OLSS eliminates 100% of hot water use for light to medium soiled linen and by as much as 95% in all linens laundered.
    • Reduces Energy Use for Drying Laundry. Ozone penetrates fabrics and partially opens the weave, creating more space between fibers so that water, soil and cleaning agents can flow in and out of fabrics, increasing extraction efficiency and reducing water retention. Drying times have been reduced by up to 40%.
    • Reduces Energy Use for Pumping and Treating Wastewater. Using less water for washing laundry reduces wastewater, resulting in additional energy savings at local wastewater treatment plants.

Case Studies

The NuTek OLSS has a proven track-record of water savings, electricity and gas savings, linen lifetime extension, and chemical costs savings. Units have been installed in hotels, resorts, and prisons across California, whilst working to increase our support in nursing homes and healthcare facilities with their new Sustainable Healthcare Solutions division. In healthcare, the most important benefit of ozone is its ability to disinfect.  The following are case studies:

Seedling Nursery – South Korea

Pear Farm – South Korea

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