Integrated HVAC and Water Generation

An integrated HVAC system simultaneously conditions air and produces water by condensation of humidity. The heat exchanger and chiller of the HVAC system are optimized to maximize condensation and integrated filtration systems can produce potable water. HVAC systems already produce water condensate, but an integrated approach suggests collecting this condensate and treating it for potable reuse.

1. Integrated systems for AC and water production


Electric Benefit

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Energy Efficiency

    (Reduces kWh)

  • Demand Response

    (Ability to Shift Load?)

Water Benefits

  • Increasese Water Supply

  • Recycles Water

Technology Readiness

  • Several Pilot Studies

How Does It Work

  • one@2x

    The HVAC system takes in warm, humid air.

  • two@2x

    The condenser cools the air to below the dew point, forcing condensation of water.

  • three@2x

    Condensed water is collected and treated for reuse.

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