Commercial Laundry Water Recycling

Aqua Recycle is the global leader in recycling laundry waste water and dryer heat recovery systems for hotel, hospital, military, governmental, correctional facility and commercial laundries. This patented, closed loop laundry wash water recycling system reduces incoming water usage by 80%, cuts energy costs to heat water by up to 50%, and reduces sewer discharge by 95% for a payback in less than two years.

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How Does It Work

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    The process begins with the removal of all suspended solids that are larger than 2 microns.

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    A proprietary blend of media removes soaps, organics, oil and grease, odors, chlorine, detergents, and other contaminants.

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    Low-pressure ultraviolet light and ozone disinfect the process water and recycled water is returned for reuse.

Benefits for Tulare

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    Drought Resilience

    Water and sewer costs are reduced by 80%. Water usage is drastically reduced by reclaiming and treating 100% of the wastewater. Approximately 10% of the total water used in the wash process is lost through evaporation, and an additional 5% is used for backwashing the filters. The net amount of water recycled and sent back to the washing machines is 85% of the washing machine's total water intake.

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    Reduces Regulatory and Environmental Risks

    Alleviating aged wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure reduces frequency of regulatory permit violations and inadvertent discharge of untreated and/or non-disinfected wastewater effluent to the environment, reducing risks to people, animals and plants.

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    Reduces Ratepayer Costs

    The technology has the ability to reduce costs of municipal water systems resulting from less groundwater pumping and less water treatment. Estimated Payback based on a sample project in San Juan, Puerto Rico is 1.074 years.

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    Supports Electric Reliability

    Energy costs are estimated to be reduced by 50% because the recycled water only needs to be reheated 30 to 40 degrees to be useful for additional washes, compared to the usual heating of a typical city water source of up to 100 degrees.

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    Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Reducing natural gas usage and electric use and electric demand reduces the production and/or purchase of marginal electric resources, much of which is produced by natural gas. Increasing production of distributed renewable energy reduces electric transmission losses and enhances ability to reliably integrate increasing quantities of intermittent renewable energy resources.

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