CertaLok Yelomine Piping

Technology Description

Yelomine Piping

Technology Stage

Commercially Available

Technology Application(s)

Replacement for aluminum piping in irrigation

Piping is UV coated PVC that does not leak during charge up and charge down periods

Can replace existing aluminum irrigation sets typically used in row crops, such as carrots


Technology Benefits:

  1. Builds drought resilience by reducing potable water demand up to 7% [1] through leak reduction during each irrigation cycle
      Reduces amount of irrigation water, which reduces potable water supplies (drinking water resources, including surface and groundwater
  2. Supports electric reliability:
    • Reduces electric consumption (kWh) Product reduces energy consumption by reducing the charge up and charge down times of each irrigation cycle. As the time needed to pump a required amount of water is reduced, kWh savings are achieved.
    • Reduces electric demand (kW) – There is negligible kW impact from this technology
    • Increases renewable energy production – This system is not expected to increase renewable energy production
  3. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions:
    • Production of “Integrated Distributed Energy Resources” (IDER: energy efficiency, demand reduction, distributed renewable energy production) all reduce greenhouse gas emissions:
    • Reducing electric use and electric demand reduce production and/or purchase of marginal electric resources, much of which is produced by natural gas.
    • Increasing production of distributed renewable energy reduces electric transmission losses and enhances ability to reliably integrate increasing quantities of intermittent renewable energy resources
  4. Reduces ratepayer costs:
    • IDER reduces costs and risks to electric reliability, reducing electric costs for all ratepayers
    • Reduces costs of municipal water systems resulting from less groundwater pumping
    • Reduces costs of municipal wastewater system resulting from less wastewater being treated at the plant
  5. Reduces regulatory and environmental risks:
    Alleviating aged wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure reduces frequency of regulatory permit violations and inadvertent discharge of untreated and/or nondisinfected wastewater effluent to the environment, reducing risks to people, animals and plants

[1] Norum, E., A Study of Operating Efficiencies Comparing Aluminum Pipe Systems to Certa-Set PVC Irrigation Piping, The Center for Irrigation Technology California State University, Fresno, February 2004

[2] http://www.krwca.org/files/Reports/KRWCA%20Final%20Chanac%20Creek%20SQMP%20Update%20and%20Source%20ID%20-%20Submitted.pdf



Current Status

Certa-Lok Yelomine pipe is a widely adopted technology in California’s Central Valley. According to the Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority’s November 2016 Update, Yelomine piping is utilized by 66% of irrigators in the Chanac Creek region [2]. As 44% of irrigators have still not adopted this technology, there is potential to capture more water savings in the Ag sector.