Biomist Alcohol Sanitizer

Biomist is a misted alcohol technology developed by Biomist, Inc. for the disinfection of food and food processing surfaces. Biomist can spray surfaces up to 15 feet away and reach into cracks and crevices that are inaccessible to other sanitizing methods. Misted alcohol is particularly useful for disinfecting surfaces that have been treated with dry ice blasting.

21. Biomist MAIN

How Does It Work

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    The Biomist treatment system comes in a small rolling container with a CO2 tank, alcohol tank, power cord, and spray hose. The system combines CO2 and alcohol, then propels the mixture through a misting valve.

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    The operator uses the hose to spray surfaces with the non-toxic misted alcohol. Biomist can be applied to water-sensitive equipment, electronics, and control panels because it is non-corrosive.

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    The misted alcohol coats the desired surfaces, quickly sanitizing pathogens. The alcohol evaporates, requiring no cleanup.

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