Atmospheric Water Generator

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) are an emerging technology used for onsite water production through humidity condensation. This technology explores the possibility of using a dehumidification system run by solar thermal energy to 1) pre-treat feed air stream for air conditioning units and reduce latent heat, consequently reducing electrical power consumption and 2) condense atmospheric moisture and use it as an additional renewable source of water. The technology is focused on giving potable water to those who lack freshwater during emergency situations.

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Electric Benefit

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Residential

  • Energy Efficiency

    (Reduces kWh)

  • Demand Response

    (Ability to Shift Load?)

  • Distributed Generation

    (Increase Ability to Produce Clean Energy)

Water Benefits

  • Increases Water Supply

Technology Readiness

  • Several Pilot Studies

How Does It Work

  • one@2x

    AWG devices pull in air, filtering out particulates.

  • two@2x

    Air is cooled past the dew point of water, resulting in condensation of humidity.

  • three@2x

    Condensed water is collected and filtered for potable uses.

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