NuTek Ozone Laundry Support System

Standard commercial washer/extractors use an average of 3.1 gallons of water per pound of linen processed. High-efficiency Energy Star washers target water use reductions of up to 33%, with proposed efficiencies of 1.8 gallons per pounds of linen washed.

NuTek Ozone Laundry Support Systems (OLSS) utilize ozone gas to increase the effectiveness of commercial cleaning agents. Case studies have shown that NuTek’s OLSS process far exceeds targeted Energy Star criteria.

NuTek Ozone Laundry Support System

What does it do?

The NuTek OLSS captures oxygen from the air using electricity to trigger a reaction to create ozone (O3 gas). The oxygen flows through a chamber where it is exposed to 10,000 volts of electricity which causes the oxygen (O2) molecule to split, producing ozone (O3).

NuTek’s patented passive injection technology injects ozone into the washing machine chamber, where the ozone acts as a catalyst for laundry detergent. Ozone can open the weaves of fabric and disinfect the laundry more efficiently while reducing chemical use per wash cycle by up to 30%.

Ozone has been proven to be a highly effective disinfectant. A test performed by third party Accuratus Lab Services showed that 99.999% of pathogens are destroyed when using NuTek’s OLSS. NuTek is the